1. Secondary School Diploma and Diploma Supplement with a certified translation into Bulgarian language. It is an obligatory precondition for the candidates to have assessment degrees in Biology and Chemistry in their secondary education diploma in accordance with the Ordinance on the State Requirements for Admission of Students at the Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria.
*In case there is no grading scale attached to the diploma, candidates have to present an official document with the grading system description.
2. An official document issued by the Regional Administration of Education, certifying the recognition of the secondary education;
*The applicants must pay a fee into the Bank Account of Regional Administration of Education for issuing a Certificate for Recognition of Secondary School Diploma from schools of foreign countries.
3. An official document issued by an accredited body, certifying the applicant’s right to pursue their studies at Higher Education Institutions in the country where secondary education was obtained.
4. Copy of Passport / ID card
5. Declaration in Bulgarian and in English for the authenticity of the documents submitted, duly signed by the applicant.
6. Academic Transcript – for students, applying for a partial course of study;
*Documents must be certified, legalized and translated in accordance with the International requirements:
• for countries that have a mutual legal assistance agreement with Bulgaria concerning certification of documents, the agreement requirements shall apply;
• for member countries under the Hague Convention, documents are certified with Apostille stamps.


The candidates have to scan all the pages of the required documents.

Upon approval of the listed documents, the applicants should submit the original documents to the Department of International relations.


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