Information about the hostels for foreign students in Medicine

Foreign students studying Medicine at the University are accommodated in the SH (student hostel) as students enrolled with paid tuition.

Foreign students are accommodated in the Student Hostels, according to Order RD 275/12.10.2023.

Rates & Payment method

  • 180 BGN per month per person for two people in one room
  • 250 BGN per month per person in a private room

DSK Bank - Burgas branch

- IBAN: BG90STSA93003100001100


- Holder: University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov"

- The name of the student - first, patronymic and surname, and the student's ID number shall be written on the import note for the "obliged person".

- If the contributor is another person, the name of the student to whom the payment applies MUST be written.

- When paying rent for student residences, the reason for payment is to be spelled:

  • RENT;
  • Block number and room number;
  • Period to which the payment relates.

Required Documentation

  • Submit on a housing warrant from the Office of Student.
  • Proof of semester enrolled.

Places: -15

The rooms are in the student hostel, block 1, on the 4th floor. Each room has its own bathroom.

When students leave the hostel at the end of the summer semester, they also need to submit an accommodation application form for the next academic year.


SH-1 Manager:    Zoya Yancheva - (056) 716 449; 0889 607 148