Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University Library


The University Library is a Library and Information Complex (LIC) comprising: the Central Library and three affiliated libraries - at Faculty of Social Sciences, College of Tourism and Medical College. Documentary sources are stored in the libraries: books, monographs, reference and encyclopedic publications, textbooks and supporting literature, yearbooks and notices, bound periodicals, current periodicals, patents, standards, diskettes and CDs, etc., distributed in collections and presented with corresponding catalogues.

The LIC provides library materials in a wide range of fields: social sciences, economics, humanities and technical sciences, arts literature, etc. The library at the university is the second largest in Burgas region and is actively used by students, pupils and citizens.

The reading rooms are equipped with 150 workstations for users.


  • The library and information complex at the University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov", Burgas, Bulgaria. The University of Burgas acquires, preserves and provides library materials that reflect the multifaceted nature and development of human society;
  • Provides free and open access to books, journals, information and ideas;
  • Offers support to the learning and cultural development of individuals and groups.


  • Use of library documents in the LIC reading rooms
  • Borrowing library documents for home
  • Access to Online Databases
  • Reference, bibliographic and information services
  • Interlibrary borrowing
  • Internet access
  • Online search


The library's holdings amount to over 256,000 library items, of which

  • 184 000 volumes of books
  • 33 000 bound periodicals
  • 37 000 patents and standards
  • 2 000 other library materials.

A small number of these books, periodicals and patents (about 1 000 items) are on CD or DVD media and have been set aside in a separate collection for more special preservation.

The book collection is separated in:

  • a core collection of books
  • the textbook collection
  • reference collection - reference books, encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • a handy collection - books, monographs and textbooks
  • bound periodicals
  • continuing publications - yearbooks, scientific works, collections, etc.

All book collections are arranged systematically for independent selection of literature by library users.

  • Patent collection arranged according to the requirements of the IPC (International Patent Classification) by class, group and sub-group and by country.
  • Standards collection - our and foreign standards arranged by year and number.

The library has implemented a library software product with modules for automation of library and information activities at the University. Newly received literature receives a barcode, enabling modern service by scanning the code with a barcode reader when using the book.

The system employs:

  • A book cataloguing module with an established database of over 33,600 book records;
  • a periodicals registration module with a database of the titles of all bound periodicals since the foundation of the library with 1400 records;
  • Patents and Standards module with over 3100 records;
  • Non-book media module - 600 records;
  • a module with 3,000 registered users and literature distributed for the home.

All the modules are connected in a local network uniting the four libraries in the University structure. Students and postgraduate students of the University have the opportunity to work in our own electronic catalogues, in the catalogues of other libraries and on the Internet from 9 automated workstations in the reading rooms of the Central Library, one in the Medical College and from 5 computers with Internet connection in the reading rooms of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the College of Tourism.


Information and bibliographic services for students and lecturers are provided through several databases:

  1. Directory of open access journals - OPEN ACCESS JOURNALS -
  2. SCOPUS -
  5. EMBASE -
  6. Reference Journal Organization and Management - paper
  7. Reference Journal Chemistry - paper and CD
  8. Chemical abstracts - hard copy
  9. Current contents - on CD

    The library has stable and lasting contacts for mutual exchange of publications with more than 50 other libraries and scientific institutions in Bulgaria and 10 abroad, including the largest libraries in the world: The Library of Congress in Washington, Rossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Biblioteka in Moscow, The British Library in London, Technische Informationsbibliothek und Universitätsbibliothek in Hanover, etc.


    during the semesters - Monday - Friday - 9.00 - 16.00

    during the exam sessions - Monday - Friday - 9.00 - 16.00